Brain: Go Hurty! Podcast #10 "Bambersquatch"

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  • Song Name: Brain: Go Hurty! Podcast #10
  • Artist: Blighty
  • Album: BG10
  • Year: 2011

Adter a holiday break, Flik and Blighty are back, and this time with some actual games to cover! We chat extensively over Dead Island and why its more fun than a bucketful of zombie limbs, why Space Marine continues to disappoint after so many months of hype and why Flik is intent not to buy Gears of War 3.

The solution to the "console war" is provided in this episode and we also explain why you should not sleep with camels or deficate on rodents.

Fancy playing with Blighty on Xbox live? Add him as a friend with gamertag Blightywarrior - he doesn't bite (except when he does).

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